Everytime I open My Documents [i'm using XP] it says it needs to shutdown and won't allow me to work or do

ANYTHING in that folder. My second problem is that when I open my browser [i use Mozilla cuz Internet Explorer is retarded and full viruses] an annoying pop-up appears. How can I resolve these issues without destroying my computer with my bare hands? Any help would be FOREVER appreciated. P.S.-If anyone knows how to open your registry to find specific files that are causing the problem that would help me immediately because the error message gives me the name of the file.

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    1 decade ago
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    -try running the following two menus of ccleaner

    cleaner > Analyze > Run Cleaner

    Issues > Scan For Issues > Fix Selected Issues

    that will give you some breathing space

    -after that download, install, update and run the programs below

    spybot s&d



    avg free antispyware


    Source(s): Read Howto and Download free CCleaner from the link below http://bestofrest.blogspot.com/2006/11/ccleaner.ht...
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    Download and run Ad-aware by Rosecity....and have it clean up your computer of spyware....sounds like you got a few. Then download Ewido (it will come as AVG7.5 which is the same thing and let that run thru your machine.

    Those 2 should get rid of most of your problems.

  • 1 decade ago

    The file is probobly currupted and makes windows shut down windows for security reasons.

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