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when is the beyonce fame going to end..???

Hate her, in the south shes a ho.

I HATE HER, AND she is not anyones idol.

Hope she gets off the billboards and her era for this year is almost over.

SHe did not and will not win an oscar.

Almost over yes i picture good musicians coming back in 2007 like eminem,

Ok u guys happy her publicity is almost over?

I mean irreplacable is old and dreamgirls did not win an oscar.

ITS ALMOST OVER, shes not going to be #1 on billboards anymore because music is going to be better this year

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    You totally just bashed her. She's an icon and she may not be well liked by some people, but I just wish you could keep that to yourself. When you say things like that, your opinions, I'm okay with you telling other people your opinions. It's a free country, you can do what you want. Oh, it's not that. Beyonce is someone who's really worked for her fame and she's earned all the admiration. A lot of people didn't like her from the start, some just started disliking her. It's okay if they're not into her, sure. And yes, she didn't get an Oscar nomination and neither did her movie. But otherwise, she's doing great and has moved on. Beyonce is proud of Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson, the Dreamgirls cast, who have received nominations. I think two or three of the Dreamgirls songs have gotten Oscar nominations and Beyonce's in a good place. If you have anything better or more to say, say it to the floor.

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    first of all she is someones idol shes mine and speaking of her I'm listening 2 her CD right now and shes got an amazing voice and great fashion sense and i hope her fame never ends and she is a good musician and irreplaceable isn't that old songs like far away (which was a good song until it got overplayed on the radio) and lips of an angel(which again was a good song until it got overplayed) and she will be # 1 on the billboards because she deserves it so any more questions

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    who cares, beyonce is awsome, she will always be remembered and will never be forgotten. Who cares if dream girls didn't win an oscar, that movie was still hot. Why u hatin?

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    WOW....I hope you feel can get sick keeping so much hate inside.

    Especially for someone you don't know and who doesn't know you.

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    Nope it just keeps rising and rising. Shes "irraplaceable".

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    it will never die.

    even after her death people will continue to play her music religiously.

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