how can i deal with an annoying little brother without killing him?

what should i do with him so i dont get in trouble?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    two little brothers and one little sister have annoyed me... taken my things... worn my "un-mentionables" <-- wish it had been the sister! lol... ha! I can tell you what I did to some of them.... heheh... it won't help really... I got in tons of trouble.... but then, I always made sure at least one of them was an accomplice! being the eldest has advantages... parents leave you "in charge" I bribed, threatened and scared my siblings..... my sister thought she was an unwanted adopted child till she was in her twenties... poor girl.... lol... she also thought minor things, like she looked like a football player.... she was and is so beautiful.... my brothers... oh they got the raw end... my youngest brother is almost eight years younger.... hmm... we duck taped him to a chair once when my parents left for dinner and movies.... it was a bribe... I promised the other two they could do it "if" they A) behaved... not one peep against what I say.... B) they are on their own if caught..... another time he ended up tied to the same chair.... and they got to throw popcorn at him.... lol.... he could eat all he caught if he did not tell on them... course I knew both times he would rat them out.... so..... I guess I was not very nice about doing that... but? on the other hand no one did anything else wrong..... lol... and they all went to bed and asleep when told cause I let them always watch the scary movies.... ha! the youngest brother also got told if he did not stay out of my room he would get tickled till he peed himself.... I forgot to tell him I would wait till we were not at home.... yep... he thought it would be "fun" and so I tickled him while we were waiting for I do not even remember what..... and he was stuck with a huge pee-pee spot going all down him.... all day..... don't get me wrong... those were and are my brothers and sister.... I bit some boy's finger off (just that top part) he was four years older than my sister and he scared her, threatened her..... and made the mistake of bragging about it.... so I fought him... he was the most memorable.... I loved them... so I had a right (a duty!) to torture them... and yes... we are VERY close all four of us... I'd still bite off anyone's finger that threatened any of them! lol..... ha! anyway.... I guess if you are really having that much trouble? the best way is thru some adult who doesn't think tickling a brother till he wets himself is a "good" way to teach him to stay out of your things..... but to go to a guidance counsellor, therapist, or someone else and just vent... because really? everyone else is right.... he is annoying... he is a brat! but he is also.... the closest person to you..... I never understood what my mom meant when she would say that.... out in this world? there are family, friends... co-workers.... but there will never be another "him".... he is the only one with the same dna.... it might look different on him than you? but, next to you? he is the closest thing/person to being you... closer than your mom... or dad.... and nothing in this world should stand between you two.... when the chips are down, you should have his back... he will have yours... little brothers and sisters always look up to us... even if we are as evilly mean as I was..... for real!

  • All little siblings should be annoying, but you can't really do anything to him because he's part of your family. Siblings get less annoying after a few years, but if you can't wait for a few years, I suggest you join a sport and let out all of anger and/or violent feelings/thoughts about your brother in that sport, like soccer. Pretend that the ball is him.

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    what does he do that is so annoying.

    ask your parents to help him to respect you and make your room a no brother zone

    shut the door and leave him to annoy the rest of the people in your house.

    Dedicate one day of the week to play with him.

    CHances are he is annoying you to get your attention.

    If you give him some he wont bug you as much.

    Go easy on him.

    He probably admires you and wants you to like him and does not know how to make that request

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    First of all stop your threats of killing him!. Talk to your parents about the problems you are having with him. And realize you in all probability own half the problem. How old is he? Age is something you have to consider as well. I know brothers can be very annoying. I always just did my best to avoid giving him more attention when he did irritating things and avoided being near him. He finally stopped his harassment. No thrill for him anymore.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am an only child, but i know people that have younger brothers and siters, I know that you hate him so much because he just keep on annoying you, but in the end, you will always love him! It is okay to say things about him, but you always have to know you love him, and you really don't want to him as much as you feel like it!

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    I have the same exact problem, I want to kill him but I can't. My advice is to use the lock on your door all the time, protect your passwords, buy as many locks as u can to protect all youre personal belongings, and if that still doesn't work than hit him in the head with a baseball bat. That should probaly give him amnesia and he won't remember anything, than fill his head with lies to get him all confused.

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    5 years ago

    ok, i have a little brother too. and the best thing to do is just ignore him. he only annoys you because he wants a reaction, so if you just pretend like it doesn't bother you he's eventually stop. if that doesn't work take his most valuable posetion and he won't bother you for a long time! well i hope i helped, bye!

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    Lock your door and stay in your room untill you get over the fact that you're going to have to live with him untill you sign your first lease.For christ sake he's your LITTLE brother,they're soppose to get on your nerves and drive you crazy.AND if you kill him be prepared to spend the rest of your little life in prison with tha big guys!

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    1 decade ago

    I have a sister and a brother all younger than me.

    They can be so annoying, but I PROMISE when you get older, they are precious.

    just living with them until then, is something esle;)

  • 1 decade ago

    you should tell him that since he has been annoying you that he will recieve a makeover from you and your girlfriends and that he will be dressed like a girl and have makeup put on him and if necessary the girls will hold him down to keep him from getting away

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