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I'm dating a guy who has a myspace,facebook,and hi-five account. He also has freakin ringo and photobucket and last but not least a sidekick which allows to meet even more people. While he has Never given me any reason to believe that he has stepped outside of our relationship, the thought alone irritates me. I had some of those accounts which I deleted so I know what goes on....do you think I'm overexaggerating or would you consider dating a male or female that had access to all of these internet accounts....I mean what's the point?!? He told me he wants me to be the one so why does he need that thing....what would you do

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Be a bit more trusting of him...after all who likes to be with a mate that is constantly nagging and doubting them...wouldn't it drive you crazy if teh shoe was on teh other foot? Believe me not all people who are out there on myspace are there to hook up. If you really feel like you can't get over your trust issues, I would look deep inside yourself and try to figure out why you are having such a hard time trusting someone that really seems to care for and be honest with you. You said it best after all...that he has never given you any reason to believe that he has stepped outside your relationship...

  • 1 decade ago

    Trust him until he gives you a reason not to. Maybe is looking for good conversation, the people these days you almost have to go to those sites to meet someone you can actually stand to converse with.

  • 1 decade ago

    be more trusting towards him my boyfriends has access to myspace and im ok with that because well i trust him and i know that he will never do anything to hurt me and well you should the same......TRUST HIM.........

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