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western wedding ideas???

Im a country girl and he is a cowboy. I have never planned a wedding and he rather go to a jp. i would like a small wedding tho. i dont know where to get things or even were to start. the sad part is i live in a small wyoming town and cant find anything without having to travel 3 hours and spend all day there looking and i cant do that with my daughter who is very very active. what to do?? where to start??

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    start with where you are. if you want a western wedding, do it! some suggestions I would have for you would be to do gingham tablecloths for the reception, use mason jars with wild flowers (and do tie a tuelle bow around the neck), serve some bar-b-q, corn on the cob and baked beans. for the ceremony, have the girls in fresh dresses you can get locally (or mail order)- they don't have to be bridesmaid dresses - get a solid color of the gingham you'll be using at the reception and have them carry bundles of the wildflowers tied with a fresh white ribbon. I'd have a nice a-line skirt (or drop-waist if you can find it) and a v-neck. This style seems to look nice on most body types. If he wants to wear jeans and boots, let him - just ask that he wear a nice western cut black sports coat and hat. You should wear something casually bride-ish.

    I put some links in the sources for gowns, invites, etc.

    Once you figure out when it will be, a location (indoors, outdoors, etc.) and your colors, post again with more specific information. You'll be amazed at all the help you can get.

    I got married in western north carolina with an hour & a half travel. I only had to go to the city twice - did mine all online. You can do it!!! Just remember to keep his wishes in mind - make your wedding a representation of the couple you are and that you dream to be.

    Congratulations & good luck!!!

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    I just went to a wedding where the bride and groom wore cowboy boots under their dress and tux. Sooo cute! They originally wanted us to all sit on bales of hay, but since there were a lot of older people, they decided against it.

    Just look around at what you have for decoration ideas. That'll save you money and time. The internet is a great tool, but make sure of the quality if you order things online.

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    I had a great idea until you got to the fushia part. if the new inlaws want a pseudo country theme and you are wanting to go with tulle, I was thinking that some really nice, clean silver milk cans with sunflowers clusters in them stacked around over tulle covered bales would be pretty classy country, but you could always use a fushia colored flower cluster. I just associate sunflowers with country. and tiny white lights, I'm not sure what you meant by christmas lights, but the tiny clear lights would be great. Even bringing in a couple of larger potted trees, ficus maybe, and lighting them up??

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    The internet is your answer, my friend! Just Google "cowboy wedding", and you will be able to find everything you could need without leaving your computer! Sites I particularly recommend are ExclusivelyWeddings.com, WeddingChannel.com, TheWeddingCoach.com, and don't forget ebay.

    You could even find outfits (if you want to carry your theme that far) online.

    I'm a country fan myself and would love to see the end result.

    Good luck.

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    here's some ideas i''ve seen/read about:

    wedding favours - toy cowboy hats upside down with sweets inside

    brides shoes - ribbon lace up high heel white ankle boots

    music - walk down the aisle to "from this moment" by shania twain

    and afterwards ride off into the sunset on his and hers horses - his with a bow tie around its neck, hers with white ribbon and a braided tail....

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    I think that skirts tend to either look kind of cheap or trashy if they are tight and short, or these are just the ordinary jean skirts that aren't necessarily sexy.

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    Try maxi dresses with the medial side slits those will look great on you! It doesn't matter if you have long legs or not only strut that skirt

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    hey good for you western is the best!!!!


    and this is similar to the dress i wore:



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    You can find pretty stuff there.


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