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What is the most prestigious science lab in the world?

Fermilab, Cavendish, CERN? ( i have absolutely no idea, those are the only ones i have heard of though). Also, what is the most prestigious in the U.S. alone (that is, if a U.S. lab is not the most prestigious in the world). Thanks a lot and I know that there is no definitive answer. I would just appreciate a generally accepted answer or a couple of answers if a few labs are all considered the top. Thanks!

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    I'd unfortunately have to say that any pure research facility that is still in operation has my utmost respect. 40 years ago the question would have been alot easier seeing the vast number of research labs that were in operation, but nowadays pure research isnt a profitable venture, which i wholeheartedly disagree with! But as far as cutting edge for particle physics its CERN, once it comes online. The programs there will utilize the most current technology, and the experiments are the most pressing questions nowadays...looking for the Higgs boson, and the ATLAS detector there is designed to detect new particle that we dont even know about yet, and others...

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    Fermilab and CERN are great labs, but rather narrow in scope. Cavendish has more Nobel Prize winners (25 when I was there) than any other lab is strong across many areas of science, so my vote is for Cavendish as the best lab in the world. There are several top tier US labs and the choice of a favourite is much harder. In terms of breadth of contributions, I would go with UCLA, but I also like Princeton if only because they are doing some bleeding edge research related to my own research interests.

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    Two US labs that are prestigious in research circles but don't get a lot of press:

    Lawrence Livermore National Labratory


    The Howard Hughs Medical Institute

    Also, I suppose you could make the argument that MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) does some well regarded research in addition to it's teaching.

    The University of Wisconsin at Madison (My alma matter! Go Badgers!) is very highly regarded for it's research into all things biological. UWM was the launching pad for stem cell research.

    And if you count the efforts of commercial enterprises, don't forget about Bell Labs.

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    CERN, Fermilabs, Los Alamos, Brookhaven, Lookheed, the list goes on. I generally put them all at the same level of prestigious-ness. Plus I'm sure I forgot a lot of them.

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    This is a very subjective question.

    For example Fermi lab is not particularly well known for molecular biology and Cold Spring Harbor is not particularly well known for particle physics.

    There are also theoretical labs, and experimental labs which can be quite different, but need to operate together to produce good research.

    Good science typically does not happen in a vacuum, even though most ground breaking research happens in small research groups.

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    of the known ones, Fermilab is prob the best in the US.

    CERN is prob the best in the world

    that being said, tons of the most advanced stuff in the world is all classified, so we dont really know.

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    JPL in California

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