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What makes sex great for a man? What can a woman do to you that makes you beg for more?

Like some techniques or tips, how to start it off, etc.... Tell me what you love guys. Or girls who KNOW that they drive they're man crazy. Thanx!!


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    Licking everywhere, forcefulness, make it seem like even if the guy doesnt want it he must have it. make yourslef look as tantalizing as possible, sexy lingerie or bikinis, rub soap all over each other, for guys especially on the wang. blow jobs help. get as wet as possible. make it as stimulating and passionate as possible and even it doesnt feel tht good to you make it look like you cant get enough. scream in pleasure if you have to!

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    Tease, satisfy, repeat!

  • 1 decade ago

    Enthusiasm, dont just lie there.

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