So MUCH stress!?

'm 13 years old. I go to a new school, and I have many stresses.

I have been absent about 8 days, in total from school. (I started school in September.) Now, two of my teachers said, after I asked them if its okay they're like "You're cutting it pretty close, but try nto to miss any more days of school." I missed so much because I've been REALLY sick.And I asked the counselar and all that, I asked him "What's the limit on how many days you can be absent?" He like "There really isn't a limit, just don't miss too many. Obviously, if you miss too many days we're going to have to send you a letter through the mail, but if you're just missing school to sleep in" and I cut him off when he said that, I'm like "Oh no, my mom would NEVER let me do that" He's like "I know she wouldn't, but if you're missing school because you really are sick, then there is really nothing we can do." I'm like, so I won't miss any more days, he's like "Don't worry, try not to miss any more days.u should be fine


I'm in eighth grade.

Also, what's going to happen?

I told my counser, "I won't miss any more days, I don't want a letter through the mail" He's like "Has this happened to you before?" "I'm like only in second grade, because I had the flu, I was really sick". He's like ok.

What's going to happen? It's okay right?!

PLEASE HELP ME! The school isn't going to fail me or anything right? (I do all the work!)

They're not going to fail me are they? ANything bad going to happen? I WON'T miss any more days.

PLEASE HELP ME! I'm the kind of girl that worries TOO MUCH!

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    Wait till you get older. If you think that is stress your in for a big shock.

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