What do I need to do to become a physician assistant?

i'm 23 years old. i have a BA in communcations. i am currently enrolled in a medical assistant 6 month course. I am interested in studying to become a physicians assitant after i finish this course. What do i need to do?

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    I know a couple people who have gone to Physician's Assistant (PA) school (one person found a program that 100% guarantees you'll graduate/there's no time limit). Admissions are supposed to be pretty competitive (and is a "special" program/school, like med school). Here's a link to a list of all accredited US programs:


    Any clinical/scientific experience is only going to help you (as it also shows initiative), you'll probably need to take the GREs and may need some supplemental classes (see individual school requirements).

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    Why are you taking a Med Asst course? That won't get you very far...I think your BA will get your father.

    PA is a Post-Master's Degree program at most Colleges and Universities. Check with a local University's Medical School to see if they offer that program.

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    observe to scientific college Being a PA does no longer shorten the coaching, yet makes area of it much less complicated to entice close some innovations source Have the two acquaintances who did this plus have acquaintances who have been in Med college with PAs

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    To learn more about the physician assistant, you should go to their website located at http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/

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