How can I forget her?

A couple of days ago, I posted a question on whether or not this girl likes me. You can read the full details by going to my profile and clicking on the questions I asked because there's only like 3 there. Anyway, I got the most heartbreaking email from her that said that she was surprised that I like her like as much as I do but she only likes me as a friend. The worst part is, she talks to me like nothing happened and its killing me. I know I CAN live without her but I just don't want to. I tried forgetting her but I can't. I've definitely fallen for her and I don't know what to do with myself...any help would be appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    My man, four years ago I fell for a girl and damn was she worth going for. But i didn't build up the guts to tell her about it until it was way too late, she was taken by the popular dude. i was so pissed and so jealous it seemed unbearable. It took me a whole year o get over her. we are now friends. what i suggest is watching shows like 24, that's how i personally dealt with my problem. you got it easy, dude. dont get that wrong. you'll deal, everyone does

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    Big hug, Friend....most of us have known heartache first hand, and we sympathize.

    Time is your best friend, but do remember that it's Ok to allow yourself to grieve for a time. Unrequited love is probably the worst thing that can happen to a person's soul, and you deserve to let yourself feel bad for a while.

    I might try to limit contact with her for a while, if possible. Seeing her and talking to her can't make your situation any easier, even though it's probably tempting to want to maintain contact with her.

    When a while has gone by, and you've met someone new, you'll begin to forget what you felt for her. The important thing is to realize you are not alone. Best of luck to you Hon.

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    Tell her that you can't be her friend for a while. If she asks why then tell her it's personal reasons. If she mentions that it is her or what she said then apparently she hasn't forgotten. Anyway just get away from her for a while and get you head straight before seeing or talking to her again. You will know when you are ready. Good luck!!!!

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    oh i know how u feel "Sorry Things happen you will learn from this

    ok some ideas on hov to forget her :

    if thares some musig that reminds u of good moments or things u had with her try not listenig to that music

    that alsou goes for places ,things mostly anything that associates your mamory with her try not doing it

    just like stay away from her .

    Try doning somthing thats gona take time like : watching movies ,hanging out with friends , funn stuff....

    as days pass ul forget about that feeling u had for her and ul be able to find another one ...sorry :(

    Thares a women out thare for everybody ...... (*_*)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Iced bath, buckets of water or better still just find someone else. Being attracted to someone has to work both ways otherwise it will never work.

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    1 decade ago

    the easiest way, is to surround yourself with friends,and shes trying to stay friends with you. she didn't want anything to have happened she wants her friend, and you are her friend. you can do allot of things to forget her, but don't forget your friendship.

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