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Where is the El Nino for SoCal?

We are so dry here in LA and San Diego.

Its still fire season and its almost FEBRUARY?

We were supposed to have an El Nino and we barely have an inch and a half since July?

Whats up with these scientists?

It was supposed to hit us in January/ February and there is absolutely no indication of any moisture.

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    If you go to the National Weather Service page, they have an El Nino section. It appears that this year's predictions have dried up some. The warm water is cooling off and the "oscillation" is moving more westerly than to the east and towards us. On the other hand, the other day they predicted "part;y cloudy" for Agoura Hills and we got an inch of rain and it snowed in Westlake. So...look at the charts, check out NOAA also, and draw your own conclusions. They are still predicting above normal rainfall for Feb-Mar, so keep your fingers crossed.

    Source(s): NWS and NOAA
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    I saw Dallas Rain on our Mega Doppler 70000 plus and he said showers this weekends, LA if i need showers I will go in my bathroom and take one, Dallas were is the rain.

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