Please... happy kid loving couples help?? or ones who are trying?


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    Just relax,still have sex for fun,not like it's a duty and sooner or later it will happen for you guys..hopefully sooner!!

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    It usually takes at least a year to get pregnant sometimes. It can even take up to two years for perfectly healthy fertile couples. The best thing you can do is be patient and dont stress out. Stress can mess up your hormones. Just keep making your encounters fun and loving. You should get pregnant within a year. If you dont then there are some things that you can try. You can have sex every other day for one month, even days only. Then the next month switch to odd days. This is unusual but it works for many couples. Also try increasing the angle of penatration. There is a pill out there called "ovatum" or something like that which has worked for many couples. Its available online. A simple google search should bring it up. All these methods are premature however. Wait at least a year before worrying. Good luck!

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    Take a relaxing holiday and don't think too hard about it. Sounds like a cliche but it helps, trust me.

    *Chart your body temp to find out when/if you ovulate.

    *Do ovulation prediction tests - pee on a stick and it checks your hormone level.

    *They can do a blood test on day 21 of your cycle which should also tell you if you ovulate or not.

    *Sperm count for him

    Otherwise, it may just take time. If you stress too hard on it then it won't happen. Babies only want happy environment and while you are stressing, your body knows it and things won't happen.

    Stats say that it can take most normal couple 6-12 months to fall pregnant and then rest after that. Only highly fertile and very lucky people fall straight away.

    Relax and think of sex as it is supposed to be, fun and loving not a baby making procedure.

    *An old wives tale is to buy/make a pair of knitted yellow booties and leave under your pillow or beside the bed.

    *Fertility jewelery can help, rose quartz and smokey quartz promotes harmony in your body that is conducive to getting pregnant.

    * Fertility statues or spells or prayer.

    Good luck

    Source(s): TTC for two years, now 5 weeks pregnant
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    When my DH's parents got married they tried to have children right away...they tried and tried and tried...then they gave up after 10 years. That is when my DH was concieved. If there is nothing wrong with either of your fertility, then let it happen, and don't get stress. If you don't want to wait 10 years (j/k) then see about getting an ovulation tester, or even a simple thermometer. When you ovulate your body temp goes up. Track your temp, and when you see it increase try then. In a 'normal' menstral cycle you will normally ovulate around day 14 after you start your period. Start period, count out 14 days, try to get pregnant.

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    Figure out your fertile days (about halfway through your cycle). to do this, you may have to track your periods like you did when you were a teenager. Have sex every other day for the 5 middles days (the first, middle, and last day of the fertile days). They every other day allows the sperm to build back up. Finish with him on top. Then stay lying down after he gets off of you. You can put a pillow under your hips to allow the sperm to stay inside you, and to let gravity help out. Stay that way for 30 minutes or so.

    The rest of the month do what every you want, have sex when you feel like it and don't think about having babies.

    This worked for my husband and I.....

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Some of my elderly female patients. No one can tell you how to get pregnant faster than a woman that had 13 kids!!
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    I've always been told missionary position and then after put your legs straight up so the sperm doesn't come out and stay that way for 30 minutes. I've also heard that you shouldn't try so hard because you'll be stressing your body out. So just enjoy your husband and have fun before you know it you'll be pregnant. If not see another DR. Good luck!

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    I'm sure your doctor has already been over the possible physical causes... If you are underweight, smoking etc... If there is no physical reason then just relax! My best friend went through the same thing and after about 1 year and a half and several doctors she now has twin boys! GOOD LUCK!

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    Have you tried using an ovulation test. Those work very well. The first time I used mine I was pregnant that weekend and we had been trying for about 4 months. I hope that or something else will work for you. :)

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    Wait about a year before you worry too much. If you were on the pill before you started trying, it can take awhile even when nothing is wrong with either of you.

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    Stop worrying...the more you worry the harded it will be, Stress is an awful thing! And Good Luck.

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