If you took a rock from the hawaiian valcanoes will it put bad luck in Georgia?

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    We believe that our islands a apart of our ohana(family) We were raise to respect and care for the


    Pele is the goddess of love, fire, rock... She is the caretaker of all that is hawaii.

    Just imagine if one takes from one family, what would you think would happen.....

    It's all the same......


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    Read this article from the Honolulu Star Bulletin (a respected island newspaper) :


    "As to the origin of the Pele myth, the Bishop Museum cited the book "Power Stones" by Linda Ching, which says not only is there no history of the curse in Hawaiian legend, it appears to have been created in 1946 by a park ranger who wanted the land left as it was.

    A park ranger of today, Ray Robinson at Volcanoes National Park, said the idea of bad luck following the removal of lava material "is certainly not based on any Hawaiian belief."

    "A lot of people believe it, but in the National Park Service we certainly don't like to perpetuate that idea," he said, because it distorts the ancient Hawaiians' love and reverence for the land."

    I have lived on the Big Island of Hawaii many times over the years, and have heard of this curse many times. I always wondered if it was true. I have a good friend who brought stones back to Seattle over ten years ago, and he has the best luck I have ever seen.

  • Rani
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    I do not know why Pele minds this so much--- I speculate that maybe it is because she is trying to build an island and if everyone took the rocks away there would be no island eventually.

    In any event, it is definitely part of the tradition here in Hawaii. My nephew and his wife came to visit a few years back and took some rocks home with them and then had the worst year of their lives. They mailed the rocks back to me and I returned them to Pele (we live on the Big Island, so it was easy).

    They said things got better, but it would be hard for me to say whether it made any difference or not--- But its always good karma to not offend people's beliefs-- After all, many of those beliefs and traditions came about after observing certain causes and effects down through the years--- So who are we to scoff?

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    1 decade ago

    According to the hawaiian legend it will. Pele will seek revenge.

    We took once a piece of rock with us and thought that we had bad luck in a few things, so the next time we returned to hawaii we took it back.

    Friends of ours sent back the rock they took by us-mail to Hawaii. And according to them thousands of people do it every year...

    Good Luck!

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    Do not mess with the Hawaiian god Pele. "In Hawaiian mythology, Pele is a goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes and violence, a daughter of Haumea and Kane Milohai. She lives on Kīlauea". Please do not remove lava rock from Hawai'i. Hawaiian lava rock does not belong outside of Hawai'i. Please return the lava rock to the address listed below. Mahalo

    "The Curse of Pele

    It is well known to locals on the island of Hawaii, that there is a curse upon those who take one of Pele's lava rocks. It is said that he who takes a lava rock, is taking something from Pele and shall receive bad luck because of it. In the old days people were said to die from the curse, but now you only receive bad luck. If you were to spite or irritate Pele in any way, you would be cursed with a bad omen."

    Please read these narratives authored by folks who removed lava rock from Hawai'i and experienced the consequences: http://volcanogallery.com/lavarockstories_New.htm

    The same website states: "It is an old legend that taking lava rocks from Hawaii results in being followed by bad luck. Lava rocks that have wrongfully been taken from Hawaii should be returned by the person who took it. If you can't bring them back in person and you would like to mail lava rock back to Hawaii you can mail them to us:

    Mail your lava rocks to:

    Rainbow Moon

    Attn: Lava Rock Return

    P.O. Box 699, Volcano, HI 96785"

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    Depending, if its blessed by the Volcano like Lava Rock are secret. The Goddess Pele, would be offended. If its a volcano rock please return the rock ASAP or I believe the Kahuna's will tell you sickness or bad luck will endanger your families in the US.

    Source(s): Personal Knowledge, 38 years Local Boys
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    Are you superstitious? If so, it may bother you and you may blame bad things happening to you on taking a rock. Personally, I would leave the rocks where I found them! They are part of a beautiful landscape that makes up Hawaii!

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    Mail it back! For sure! They are used to getting rocks in the mail every day.

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