what do you think of jim doyle trying to ban smoking in wisonsin bar's and restraunt's?

today he is trying to pass a bill to try and raise cigarette taxes by 1.25 a pack and try banning all bars workplaces and restraunt's from allowing there customer's to smoke. to me it's bullshit because it my right if i want to smoke and it's my health why should we have to stop we already pay enough taxes a year without having a jackass like doyle raising more and banning us from something that's not even illegal.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is a crock of B.S. I am sick and tired of our government trying to put through legislation to protect people from themselves 1st it was the helmet laws which thanks to groups like ABATE were repealed in a lot of states that had them. Next it was mandatory seat belt use now it;s smoking bans . People are still going to smoke taking away the places they can do it only will hurt Small businesses like bars and restaurants. if people do not want to patronize bars or restaurants fine don't go some place else Just because some one does not like a place where smoking is allowed does not mean that the government should ban smoking in public places. As I said there are places that do not allow smoking They can go there Other people who do smoke also have rights and these stupid laws like this infringe upon our rights . If the government is trying to be so anti smoking WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY STILL SUBSIDIZE THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY The are a bunch of hypocrites in my opinion.

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