Can someone tell me the names of all the death and concentration camps?

I need the names, the number of deaths, and the number of survivors thnx


someone PLZ tell me i really need help i'm desperate

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    Auschwitz II: about 1,400,000

    Belzec: at least 436,000

    Chelmno:at least 152,000

    Majdanek: 78,000 [6] - 235,000

    Sobibór: at least 170,000

    Treblinka: at least 800,000

    Jasenovac: 500,000-840,000[citation needed]

    Maly Trostenets: at least 60,000

    This gives a total of at least 3,600,000, and possibly 4,600,000. Of these, over 80% were Jews. These camps thus accounted for about half the total number of Jews killed in the entire Nazi Holocaust, including almost the whole Jewish population of Poland.

    According to SS reports, there were more than 700,000 prisoners left in the camps in January 1945. [when they were liberated] It has been estimated that nearly half of the total number of concentration camp deaths between 1933 and 1945 occurred during the last year of the war.

    Source(s): wikipedia - and the sources cited at the bottom of the page.
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    There are many, but only a few having to do with Jews, so I'm guessing that's what you're asking. Maybe you should question why Jews are asking you this.

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    Dont forget Dachau-200,000 went in,30,000 never left.

    Source(s): Visited the Dachau camp in 1987.
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