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What would John Adams father of conservatism think about our partisan Supreme Court,and their abuse of power?


mikerose if it wasn't for their abuse of power we would not have the executive branch we have today.

The 2000 election and everything they have done since to create an uncheckable electoral system

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    If you could dig him up, he would no doubt have rolled over several times in that grave.

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    Well thats a baited question. You are instilling that the court has performed illegally.

    Edit: You mean the 2000 election where Gore wanted to prevent 60,000 military votes from being counted and only wanted to select a few counties for recount. Sounds like the court did the right thing. How are they uncheckable? Please stop drinking the cool aid. As I tell the confederates; you lost, get over it.

    I will agree on the emminent domain issue.

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    Could you state an example of that abuse of power? Frankly I have seen nothing out of the ordinary from them yet. Leaving out election 2000 anyway...

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    Well since he didnt provide it how about the eminent domain ruling?

    No provision in the consitution for that. Yet they supported taking away your property.

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    I think you should ask, what would he think about the executive branch, and THEIR abuse of power.

    Inform yourself buddy.

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