Sectioning Hard drives?

The family computer hard drive has been sectioned to prevent anyone deleting system files. There is now a C,D,E,F and G drive. The drive is 30GB and the C drive is now at its full capacity.

I need to redistribute one of the sectioned drives back onto the C drive to create more space, how do i do this? can it be done via windows or is it a hardware issue?

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    Get a program like Partition Magic; I have used this to do exactly what you are talking about. In order to add space to the C partition there will need to be space that can be used from another partition. Follow the instructions that come with the program.

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    To do it without loosing data, you will have to use a program like partition magic.

    Second, how does partitioning prevent people from deleting system files? Why not give each person their own folder and use a single drive to avoid these issues, because I can assure you it will creep up again.

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    If data on your hard disk is corrupted it is advisable to format the hard disk and reinstall the operating system (usually Windows XP). If a new hard disk is used, you may prefer to partition the hard disk into 2 or more drive. The operating system is installed on the first drive and a backup of the data is stored on the second drive More details at

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    this is called partitioning, you can change the partitions of your hard drive at any time using windows. but if you wish to move data from one partition to the other, simply open the source partition and target partition and drag and drop from one to the other as if they were physical drives, then open any short cuts and redirect to the new partition, ie change C:\program files\yahoo to D:\program files\yahoo, obviously all file names have to remain the same just the target needs to change.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You will need to delete the partition..

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