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What a test...?

There is so many people so quick to critise God and to shoot down therory's of an afterlife, but. Whats the chances of human beings becoming so capable, having such depth, being able to acheive so much and able to endure so much, whats the chances of a speices being so inteligent they can see they are only a minute part of the universe, why is it that we are so much better than everything that surrounds us? Why can we do so much more than everything in this world?? How is life not just a huge test? Whats the point in life if there is nothing after it? do we just get born, live, and die and go to nothing? no way, not something thats as evolved, something so enduring and yet vulnerable as human beings. how can there be no after life? with all of this?

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    your answer is doubtful. We might not be the only smart creature in the universe. There might much smarter creature somewhere else or in different time zones or in different parallel universe

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    I believe there is surely a God just because of some things that have happened to me personally but I have never believed that God tests us because He already knows what we will do regarding the test if He is really Godlike.

    I also get the gist of your question and I also believe that there is something after our life in this realm but I wouldn't venture a guess as to what it is like although I doubt if it's much like what we have in this plane.

    It would be very arrogant indeed to assume that there is nothing after ME, that all that is begins and ends with me.

    Sometimes I just go to visit the NASA website and look at the picture of the day and the magnitude of creation just blows my mind. Realizing that I am as important a part of the cosmos as any nebula and that I have the capacity to marvel at it all in the first place makes me feel both magnificent and humble at the same time.

    Wow, great question !!!


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    Life is what you make of it. In the final analysis we all become at one with the universe regardless of weather you believe in god or not. God just doesn't make a lot of sense if you think about it. Life has plenty of meaning and purpose without relying on some artificial construct we call god. Do you really need a god to be a good person and have morals? The problem with those who believe in god they feel complied to the rest of us to believe what they believe despite the fact that we dont want to believe it. That why our fore fathers came to the United States. Leave us a lone!

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    It's not God people don't like its those who take the man made religions too seriously. I believe in God, but dislike many religions for the corruption that goes on within them. You cannot sincerely pray with people who claim to be a holy and pious then turn around and sin in the extreme.

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    “The bird has an honor that man does not have. Man lives in the traps of his abdicated laws and traditions; but the birds live according to the natural law of God who causes the earth to turn around the sun.” ~ Kahlil Gibran quotes

  • the problem with religion is this .... people jam it down your throat telling you what you can and can not do suffer the consequences if you sin you won't go to heaven!!!!

    Honestly people have faith in what ever they choose to have faith in.

    Us? Intelligent? i doubt it, look at what we have done to the world around us, pollution, war, starvation and crime ... work of intelligence? yeah sure, it's the work of progress, what ever you believe in believe in it, it's your opinion but i refuse to believe that all bad in the world was because eve couln't keep her hands off a damn apple, that's a little farfetched and religion my man ... how many religious wars have there been over the centuries????

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    You got a couple of really great responses to your question and they both make valid points. I think as you do. What's it all for?

    The hope of an eternal life with my Saviour is, at times, what keeps me going in this life. I cling to hope. Sometimes it's all I have.

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    How come some people are so quick to conclude there is an afterlife?

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    wow lenny, you need to relax. enjoy yourself...laugh, play, do something good for humanity or for someone else every day and if there is more, that is just icing on the cake!

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