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Looking for a nice knitting pattern for a scarf.....?

I have an eyelash type of yarn. I'm looking for a nice pattern for this type of yarn to make a scarf with. A little more in depth than your basic stockinette and garter patterns. Any ideas???

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    I don't know where I got this pattern from actually but it is a quick scarf.

    First take your eyelash yarn and a thin natural or acrylic yarn and make it all into one ball.

    What you're gonna do is cast on 12 and knit 4 rows with the yarn. Then next row knit a stitch and drop a stitch. Start knitting for the next row then after the first knit stitch yarn over like you're gonna knit but don't knit it, knit yarn over knit yarn over. Next three rows knit like normal and on the next row knit one drop one.

    This makes a really pretty scarf!

    I hope this makes some sense it's hard to explain without showing a person.

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    The eyelash yarn will hide nearly any stitch pattern you try to use, so honestly, garter stitch is your best bet (stockinette curls, so you'd want to avoid that). You could do something like seed stitch (knit the purls, and purl the knits), but a) no one else would ever see it, so it's sort of pointless, and b) you would probably have difficulty seeing which stitches are which, so again, it's sort of pointless.

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    With eyelash yarn you will prbably lose the pattern under all the fluff. When I use that type of yarn I use larger needles and the basic garter stitch.

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    Go to

    Click on patterns

    Next search for scarf patterns

    Then choose your favorite.

    They literally have hundreds of free patterns not all with eyelash but sometimes a creative mind can see things in patterns.

    Good luck and have fun.

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