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Can Hedgehogs be pets in Texas?

So I'm thinking of getting a hedgehog for a pet, but I read that it is illegal to have them in some states. Is it illegal in Texas? I'm having problems finding info...

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    i live in texas.

    no, it's not illegal at all.

    if i were you i'd try to get one from a breeder (there are a few in the houston area) because hedgehogs from breeders are more used to human interaction than the ones from the pet store. it would like you more!

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    Some people use gloves, but when I was working in a pet store during the hedgehog rage several years ago, we didn't use gloves and our hedgies got tame quickly!

    1. Approach slowly from the side of the hedgehog, not overhead.

    2. Let him investigate your hand and he'll eventually get over it.

    3. After a couple days, try to scoop him might be prickly, but since they can't see well it's so very important they learn your smell means you're a friend, not an enemy. Hold daily and often...bring treats.

    Some hedgies don't want to be tamed...every animal is different. If you have the choice from several, put a hand in there (not from above, from the side) and see who comes to you. You might get bit, yes, it hurts. But hopefully you'll bond with one!

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    ive never heard of that!

    be ready to dish out some $$$ if your getting a hedgehog!

    for food get it Eukenuba puppy food and dont forget the gloves!

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    pretty sure,yes

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