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AWOL/Deserter from military?

I will only keep it simple because I'm sure I will get the typical suck it up you should die or get put to death my a firing squad. But here goes anyhow due to a serious gambling problem a friend of mine went AWOL and he is now a deserter... This happenned almost 2 years ago and for you all who says that you can never get a job thats a lie also because he passed a background check a week ago and he now is working with me... He has also recently got pulled over for speeding and the cops gave him a ticket and on he went with his life.. But heres the catch he is AWOL for almost two years.... Hes not a pussy he had a serious gambling problem, he won 30000 dollars thought he could do it forever and was addicted im talking 24/7 7 days a week gambling... He never made it to his unit.. He graduated ait went to airborne and thats where he left... I called red cross while he was in the army to tell them about his illness from gambling but the army did nothing??? What can he do?

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    If he has been gone for 2 years, they have probably already dismissed his paperwork. that is unusual without a lot of red tape. if he gets out in the firs 6 months, he gets a general discharge with the reason of "failure to adapt to Military Lifestyle"

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