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How can you find the original music from a movie if it's not on the soundtrack?

like the orginal music from the movie itself, if it's not on the soundtrack?

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    One way you might find it is type in the song title, after you download Limewire from:

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    I don't listen to soundtracks while gaming but i do listen to sevendust on a youtube playlist while I play either MW3 or Payday:The Heist on my PC. i'm strictly a PC gamer. I have no coordination skills with my thumbs and fingers on a console controller playing FPS games, but i own the kiddies on the keyboard and mouse often enough. sometimes those kids teach me a thing or two. lol. 34 year old FPS PC gamer. You can get Payday:The heist on PS3 but not Xbox. It's a 4 person coop game. watch some videos on youtube. I really enjoy playing it. At least I don't have to worry about hackers playing this FPS game. ------------- I'd say some other stuff i'd listen to would be some old Prodigy from the 90's or the Matrix soundtrack. When I play MW3 while listening to Sevendust on youtube. I turn the game volume completely off and just let the music pump my blood. I never got into games like WOW or LOL. I prefer FPS, flight sims, or puzzle. Sometimes I'll connect my SNES i bought new in high school and play some old games like zelda, killer instinct, or super street fighter turbo. i love the games of my high school days. yeah. i'm c/o 95. probably an old fart compared to you.

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    By going on LimeWire.You can get music for anything there.

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    Buy the DVD, then edit out the parts without music, and don't look when you play it. <g>

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    roll it down through the credits where it shows the songs that were played find what song it is then buy it

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