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Something sweet for my husband?

We got married a couple of weeks ago. But dut to circumstances we have to be apart for another month. One Valentines Day I gave him a gift - a jar full of hand-written love notes for every day. So, each day he spends without me, he takes one out in the morning. But he says he is going to run out of them BEFORE we get together for good. Any ideas what i can do instead of the notes? Something to make him think about me? PS. We live in different cities now.


OK, guys, he just counted those notes and we have just enough until we are together!!! Thank you everybody for the advice!

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    You could send him pics of you doing "normal" things so he feels apart of it..

    Grocery Shopping

    Showering ;)

    Brushing your teeth

    Driving to work..

    Or you could take pics of your favorite places.. places that you have been on date on and things like that.

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    Here are some ideas: text him daily flirty messages (assuming you both have cell phones), mail him romantic love letters or thoughts or photos of you every so often (everyone still loves getting snail mail!), mail him small gifts with meaning behind them or even just a home baked batch of cookies, set up phone "dates" where you both act like it is a real date...yet due to distance between you it is just over phone, if at all possible take a trip and surprise him...why not for Valentine's Day that is right around the corner??? Good luck and hopefully the time you are apart will pass quickly!

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    You seem to have a pretty good handle on the romantic side of things, and you are lucky that your guy is similarly inclined.

    Along the same vein, you might just send him a nice hand written note by regular mail. Include an picture or two. Old fashioned correspondence is losing out to email, so it is becoming more and more special.

    I sincerely hope you are doing this twenty years from now.

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    Have him look forward to coming back home. Tell him you have one treat waiting for him for everyday he is gone after the notes run out.

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    Sweety why don't you send him a picture of u so he can look at it every day till the day he comes home

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    how about taking some nice pictures of yourself maby a little sexy. you can make a callender for him i did this my hubby loved it.or you can email a picture of yourself to him each day good luck.

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    Show up and surprise him for a night

    Source(s): I believe in talking and being straight forward You only lose if you don't take the chance.
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    Send him pieces of your jewelry, clothing, books you love....what did you do before he left....besides that.

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    you should get your huseband somthing like jewlry sex or a striptes something he will remember forever.

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    If you feel comfortable doing so make him a sexy video?!

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