Where can I meet a nice guy? (see details)?

Here's the deal. I am busy alot, but on my downtime I would really like to find someone to date. I am attractive, fun to be around, and have alot going for me. The problem is, I find it hard to meet new people. The ones from the internet are crazy. I don't wanna go out to places by myself, and even if I did, I find it difficult to approach a guy (even I can even find one who is alone). And it is hard to go out with friends because most of mine are married and so people assume I am married when I am with them. Where can I go or what can I do to find/meet a nice guy?


Oh yeah. I'm 24.

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    At the nice guy store....jk...but, you must know (at 24) that there's no "special place" where only nice, good looking single guys go to wait for a girl to come pick them out...right? So here's the real deal. You need to start circulating where young male humans are, like the grocery store, the library, the mall, at weddings and even funerals. You'd be amazed at what and/or who you might find at these functions and places. Also, you need to be a little more forward and friendly and free (time wise, not your price range) when these guys are around.

    Try some of those suggestions and call me in the morning.

    Okay, who gave this great answer a thumbs down? Was it you, Mandy? What's wrong with it?

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    Not a bar for one. This is a hard one. Most people consider me a nice guy but I live out in Casper, WY and that's a bit far out for people to get to.

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    The internet is a good place. I met my wife on there, Don't expect to be succesfull the first time. I was only succesfull after I had given up on the idea until she contacted me. Don't forget you may have to kiss a lot of toads until you kiss your prince but its worth it.

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    it seems trying those online dating sites is your last resort.

    good luck!!!

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