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How does a moderator become an owner if owner has left?

The owner of this yahoo group added me as a moderator but I don't have permissions to do administration of this group. I want to block a few spamming members but we can't.

Now the owner has left and his email is bouncing. How do we remove these spammers?

Thanks for any pointers. If Yahoo! group team can help fix this, that will be great.

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    It is unlikely you will be able to gain control of your group.

    The best thing you can do is start a new group and invite everyone in and leave a message every so often at the old group inviting people to the new group.

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    in case you do not plan to be energetic contained in the crew after "retiring", you should make some different person an proprietor instead of moderator. Then make your self a member. you may then go away the crew or proceed to be as a member. Use the links that crazy_mom gave in her answer for a thanks to attempt this An proprietor is afforded extra privileges than a moderator. the guy taking up the crew might want to really want those more advantageous privileges. that is why you should make him/her an proprietor. (There would properly be more advantageous than one proprietor in a collection.)

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    You can only do this if the owner gave you full moderator rights.

    If the owner is gone and you do not have those rights it's going to be spam feast

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