sinus problems?

someone asked a question a while back and i read an answer about something you can buy from a health food store that you can wash you nasal passages with. Not a nasal saline spray, it was some device. Please tell me what it is and how much it costs...if anyone knows...thanks loves.

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    I believe it's called a sinus cleanse. It's a device that you mix a mild salt water solution (NOT table salt) and litterally rinse from one nostril out the other. It's a bit uncomfortable doing it (like when you get water up your nose swimming), but it feels really good when you're done. I bought one 2-3 yrs ago, less than $10.

  • Karan
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    I missed that question and most certainly interesting answer, but in Dallas you can look for a nature store called Sundrops, they sell a nasal spray from Germany called euphorbium that seems to work really well for that problem in particular. Hope it helps.

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    Go for the permenant cure solution for your sinus so as to get rid of permenentaly. For this consult some experience homeopathic doctor.

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