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what are macros. I keep getting a message about macros evertime I open up the Word program.?

I would like to know if it is safe to run macros

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    Macros are small sub-routine programs that can run within MS Word. I'd be cautious about opening a Word document with macros that was downloaded from an unsecure source... it could contain a virus.

    You can create your own macros to help you with specific functions in Word. Your best bet would be to click the HELP menu and type "macro" in the search box to learn more.

    So many people forget to look up stuff in the built-in HELP information. Don't forget to read the part about security levels. You might stop all the warnings.

    Source(s): Word Help menu
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    Macros are little programs that come in Word's Document Templates. They are often helpful, but some are bad. If you don't know the source of where a macro came from, it's generally a good idea to disable them. Since I don't know that file that keeps trying to load the macro, it's up to you to decide if you want to run them.

    Try running an antivirus on your computer also. Many antiviruses are designed to find macros that are actually viruses.

  • Anonymous
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    Macros are helpful viruses which any one can write in Ms Word, Excel, Power Point.

    They are used to automate tasks.

    They are safe to open if the document or file is from a trusted source.

    If you get a email with a word document from an unknown person and when you open it it asks to enable macros, DON'T!

    All the same it is advisable to have a anti-virus scanner in the background when opening such documents.

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    macro is like recording the process if you want to do again and again if you want to disable then go tools templets and add in remove that any macro is there then it works normally

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