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anyone know any european film that have been remade in hollywood?

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    The German film "Der Himmel uber Berlin" (Wings in Heaven) was remade as "City of Angels."

    (Personally I like City of Angels better.)

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    Here are a couple, and the Hollywood remakes are both awful when compared to the Euro originals:

    Breathless, a French Film by Jean-Luc Godard was remade in the 90's.

    Spoorloos, an awesome Dutch film, was remade as The Vanishing in Hollywood.

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    THREE MEN and a BABY from the french film THREE MEN in a CRADLE

    POINT OF NO RETURN from the french film LA FEMME NIKITA is almost shot for shot.

    12 MONKEYS from the french film LE JETTE which was crap

    The BIRDCAGE was another remake of a french film.

    Those come to mind at the moment.

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