Installation Problems With Paint Shop Pro X?

I recently purchased the full verion of paint shop pro x (cant afford the newer version) but anyway once I installed the program it said that "this copy of paint shop pro has been damaged or illegally modified please install from original source." Ive seen a couple people who have had this problem but have no solution. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


I did not have an illegal version before this one.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try uninstalling and reinstalling from the CD you purchased. If you had illegal PSP software installed prior to purchasing the software you might also see this error.

  • 4 years ago

    Does your new computer run on Vista? My PSP 10 might want to run on Vista, yet did have insects. Corel has come out with a patch the makes PSP 10 completely like minded with Vista. Did you try that? you would possibly want to also attempt going to the video card's tech help and clarify your difficulty to them. perchance they have a patch that would want to help. strong success!

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