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Type of hair product?Shampoo...conditioner?

I have been using finesse or herbal essences hair products in the past and nothing seems to work for me. I have thin straight hair that knots REALLY easily. I want shanpoo and conditioner that might keep my hair smoother and knot less easily. Any suggestions?thanks!

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    Try using Aveda's shampoo, the only bad part is that you have to buy it in Aveda's store. It is a little more expensive, but it is so worth it!

    PS: it makes your hair smell really great.

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    4 years ago

    in my opinion, once you've honest pores and skin, black immediately hair, or wavy red hair seems the perfect once you've darker/tan pores and skin, then a mild brown or blonde, immediately or wavy, seems mind-blowing! back it is my opinion. The opinion of a 19 12 months previous guy from Australia. I dislike over dyed, frizzy or usually over-executed hair. do not spend too a lot time on it, ladies look truly warm with purely messy hair very many of the time. good success!

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    SUNSILK - I use that and Herbal Essences and i lovee Sunsilk it works very well!!!

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    It sound slike your hair is pretty similar to mine...

    garnier fructis is awesome...try the sleek and shine formula...

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    you should use sunsilk its really good

    you should use the yellow one

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