hi i need your advice?

i have this friends, we are not close friends but friends none the less. Anyway i sold him my psp for 190$ around the 22 of christmas. he has paid me 100$ but it seams like he is not going to pay me the other 90$. he has the psp and i know that it was stupid of me for giving it it him without him paying it off but like i said he is a friend. I also have this other friend who i lent my ipod to for the weekend. (i have lent it to him before and got it back in like two days) He said he forgot it at a hotel but they are mailing it to him and it was about 10 days ago. Im not getting worried yet but am starting to. Any tips on what i should do would be very helpful

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    Write off the $90 for the PSP and write off your friend with it. If he ever asks you what's going on, remind him that he still owes you money.

    As for the iPod, if it comes back, it comes back; if it doesn't, your friend is obliged to replace it for you. If he doesn't, see above.

    Sarah O is quite right. Find some new friends.

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    what do you think you are? Rent a toy? Quit loaning things. Don't give things until all money is up front. You are off to a really bad start. Life gets harder. Clamp down now. You've lost both items. Learn from it. Try to go to the parents of these kids. Tell your parents. Other than that you've made a pretty bad mistake. TWICE.

    Learn this saying:

    Fool me once shame on you.

    Fool me twice shame on me.

    Live by this.

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    they're your Friends but when it comes to business it's business, so you should tell your Friend to give you the 90 bucks or else, and tell your ipod Friend that he has to give you the ipod in (?) days or he has to pay for it. If they're really your Friends they''l understand, because those stuff are expensive

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    get some new trustworthy friends. Good Lord, how many more of them need to steal from you before you realize that you want to be friends with bad people.

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    1.don't let friend borrow your stuff

    2.you should ask for your ipod back

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