History questions!?

plz answer at least 1, but if u answer both, then thanks...

1. Why does the study of History involve the study of artistic expression?

2. What is Eurocentrism and how has it affected the way Americans view the world?

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    The study of History involves the study of artistic expression because you cannot know about how people thought during whatever time period you are learning about, without looking at their art. Art has evolved as the human race has evolved, studying history without studying art, isn't studying history at all.

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    1 decade ago

    All art, whether paintings, music, dance, etc., expresses the insides of an individual. The culture surrounding the individual is absorbed by him; for example, revolution, debauchery, romanticism, chaos, war, poverty, hunger, intellectual pursuits.

    Therefore, all art is a reflection of any society at a given point in time. What I outlined for you in the 1st paragraph is the reason that dictators Always Suppress Artistic Expressions (unless approved by 'the state').

    By studying art, we can gather some impressions about the culture and society of the time. Can't be any help on the 2nd Q - have no idea what "Eurocentrism" is! Good Luck to you...

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