VW Golf auto Rough Shifting?

I have a year 2000 VW Golf which drives fantastic with the engine cold. When it gets warm, after about 30 min the automatic shifting, especially between 2 and 3 is terrible - it jerks and bangs. What can be the problem?

To date 2 garages, the main dealer and a specialist say there are no fault codes.

However, the transmission oil has been changed and the transmission oil pump has been changed. This did not solve the problem.

I have now been told that some sensors go bad and they need replacing and an extra radiator has to be fitted. The reason for this is that, as I live in the Tropics the heat apparently damages the sensors.

Anybody experienced something similier or can help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    dude........ i had the same thing with my gti...... i have a 1.8T, and it would jerk in between gears...... i went to this aftermarket shop to upgrade my turbo and he told me that its CARBON BUILD-UP.......thats what causing a long pause....... but they flushed it and everything, it works great now......and im pushing 26o hp....YEAH-YAH!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Get away from the dealer and go to a transmission shop instead. Rather get the info from somebody who's job is transmissions.

  • Summer
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    1 decade ago

    Mine does something similar. It's a 2003 and I haven't had it looked at yet.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    it means it is due 4 a service when you take it in 4 a service the garage will turn the light off

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