do he love me or is it lust?

see me and my bf real close but he's not a open person he would sum times say oh bae i miss u but he can be a *** at times......satday he got locked up and got out on tuseday he told me he was gone call but i didnt than he said that this is the time when he need me tho most and can i be there 4 him.....see he only 16 and got a baby...that i love so much and he knows that...i never told him tht i love him......but i do see i know it's not lust cause i been throw this once b4 it's how he talk 2 me ,love me ,hold me, kiss me....but yet and still am not gone stay wit him if he keep on holdin back from me see am not sure if i shoul ask him how he feel about me or if i should just let it stay and go on day by day thinking he love me//// **** is crazy

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thousand apologies, Ma'm. I wanted to see Questions, in English.

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