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Is it a good idea to marry my friend's girlfriend so she can become a U.S citizen?

My Friend has a girlfriend and a son living in Manila, Philippines. He is not a citizen here in the U.S. He is trying to become one. He has not seen his girlfriend or his son for about two years. We started talking and laughing about me marrying her so that she can come over to the States, but then we started thinking maybe it could work out. I always enjoy helping people. I also know that having long distance relationships are very hard on the heart, because I had one. I did everything I could so I could see her. In the end I lost her because we lived so far. I do not want him, his girlfriend, and his 5 year old son to suffer. So I want to help them by marrying his girlfriend so she can be a citizen. Her and his family offered me 1,000 dollars to do it, but I will turn it down and take a medium pizza from Micheangelo's in Clovis, Ca. instead. Now I never done this and I dont know anybody who has, so is it a good idea for me to help this family unite? How can I do it or why not?

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    I dont think its a good idea. First of all, US Immigration is very strick with this. They could check up on you on a regular basis after she moves into the USA. She has to be living with you for at least 2 years. You have to have proof that shes there, along with any support that you've been giving her. You'd have to legally adopt her child as yours while married. I myself am in a long distance relationship. Im in Canada and my fiance is in Atlanta Georgia. We're going through the fiance visa process right now and from what I know and have heard, US Immigration can easily deport the immigrant if they think that somethings happening that shouldnt be. I say, tell your friend to file the necessary papers to have her move to the USA as his fiance. If they already want to be married, then he should do this on his own. It can be very costly and $1000 really is not enough for what it will cost in the long run with all the forms and fees that need to be sent in to them over the next few years. They have a child together and Immigration will want proof of that too. That itself might speed up the process. Along with proof that they've seen eachother within the past 2 years. I hope your friend can get things straightened out. I wish them the best!

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    You can't just transition from a student visa to citizenship by getting married. Just because you marry a US citizen you don't get automatic citizenship yourself. You will still have to go home and then go through the citizenship process for a marriage. That takes about a year. If you don't do that you will be here illegally on an expired student visa and can be deported which will mean you can't use the somewhat shorter marriage process (regular citizen applications take about three years.) You need to do more research on this.

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    Bad idea. I know a lot of couples in this situation, and they survived the separation. Let them wait and let your friend become citizen and go marry the woman himself. Do not get involve .

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    is not a good idea because you can go to jail for that

    if he's a real friend he wont make you to take that risk

    she can be deported and u get 5 years on jail

    so think it 2 times before u take that step

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    It might be a nice gesture, but you could get into a huge complication. You're going to be binded to this woman. That means that when she divorces you she will get some of your money and assets

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    No. Although you are trying to be a good friend, that is no reason to get married.

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    No because if you get caught there are certain penalties. Tell your friend that it is best to wait it out. You don't want to get caught and then your friends get deported do you?

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    You should do it Holmes.

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    HELL NO!!!!!

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