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explain why narrative is a narravtive or what is a narrative?

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    A narrative is the voice the speaks throughout the background of a novel, if it's in the 3rd person (i.e., someone floating "above" the novel, not one of the characters) then it frequently knows what the characters' actions are and quite often their thoughts. It is usually omniscient (knows everything). Harry Potter is written in the 3rd person.

    A novel can also be in the first person, however, which is told BY one of the characters. "To Kill A Mockingbird" is in the first person, told by Scout. The view with this can be slanted according to what Scout sees and knows, and her emotions.

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    A narrative is the actual telling of a story by its author.

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    The particular array of rhetorical elements, strategies and choice of language that an author utilises to construct a desired meaning. In other words, look at how politicians make us believe what they want, by using words like "We are freedom". Narrative is not only the way in which a text (be it print or electronic or a picture) tells us something, but rather, how it's telling it.

    Try 'Discourse analysis' in your search engine for more info.

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    Main Entry: nar·ra·tive

    Pronunciation: 'ner-&-tiv, 'na-r&-

    Function: noun

    1 : something that is narrated : STORY, ACCOUNT

    2 : the art or practice of narration

    3 : the representation in art of an event or story; also : an example of such a representation

    - narrative adjective

    - nar·ra·tive·ly adverb

    there is the defintion

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    a narrative is a story with a narrator. a narrator is a person that explains whats going on in the story.

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    the representation in art of an event or story.

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    it is a story with a narrarator...

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