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What can cause babies to have diaherra?

My 11 month old has been having awful diaherra. About 10-12 diaper blow outs a day. His diaper rash got REALLY awful I took him to the doctor twice last week and we have finally got the rash healed up with neosporin but his doc said with this time of year he doesn't worry about diaherra unless they have it over ten days. And then we will start looking into maybe new foods that had been added. Well today is day 10 and he has an appt for tom morning but I know the doctor is going to ask about food? There is nothing he eats the same everyday. (not for the entire 10 days anyway) He eats a wide variety. I have recently quit breastfeeding and he is drinking milk full time now instead of just every once in awhile? My mom seems to think if he was lactose intolerant he would be throwing up instead? Plus he would have started even when he was only having 1 or 2 cups a day? Anyone else experienced this? Is there something I am not thinking of? Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Oh my god, that was happening to my daughter.. Its the formula, she was like that for the first 4 was terrible. you need to switch the formula, to either soy or this stuff called nutramigen its not a milk based formula its something else. if you are feeding your baby baby food then first you should see if its a certian baby food. do one kind of food for like 3 days and then another for 3 days and see what that does. but my daughter was spitting up and pooping like crazy and was sooo gassy and it was the formula, she was on enfamil. good luck hun!

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    * Here is a site that list causes of diarrhea. It does say that it could be caused by an intolerance to lactose.

    * You probably already know that breastmilk kills bacteria. So if he has a bacterial issue in his stomach, your breastmilk kept it at bay until he was weaned.

    * My daughter (15 months) tends to be a little on the lactose intolerant side. She spit up constantly after feedings.My midwife said that she most likely was intolerant of the COW'S MILK in MY DIET. I cut out the milk and she got better (I also lost 20 pounds in 1 month-no lie-milk IS fattening). And now when we give her ice cream or creamed soups (which is VERY rare because we only give her Goat's milk to drink) she might get sick and vomit. So, if your son spit up a lot while you were breastfeeding and you consumed a lot of dairy products-that could be the reason.

    ***The SOY issue:

    There are negative studies that have been done on SOY-esecially where soy formulas are concerned. Research has shown that, “Early puberty (caused by consuming soy products) may increase a boy’s chances of developing testicular cancer later in life, because it means longer exposure to sex hormones,”

    More info: and search for "Soy Alert" (the second page specifically mentions about boys on soy formula) A MUST READ if you are considering SOY.

    **GOAT'S MILK is a healthier alternative than cow's milk. The nutrients in goat's milk are closer to what you would find in human milk, baby goats don't get as fat as baby cows, and many people who can not tolerate cow's milk can tolerate goat's milk. I would definitely not do cow's milk at this age because it can cause her to become overweight. For infants, there are formulas that you can make yourself using goat's milk. You can also get it commercially made. Here are some links with info:


    Daughter one nursed until 16 months old (now 3 yrs old)

    Daughter two is still nursing (15 months old)

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    True (Primary) lactose intolerence is extremely rare in babies under 3 years. Check it out:

    Temporary lactose intolerence can be caused by intestinal damage such as from viruses.

    However if you are concerned you can take milk out of his diet for a few days (which is usually recommended in cases of diarrhea anyway). You can, if absolutely necessary, use soy milk during this time.

    However I would be a lot more concerned that your doctor does't think it is a big deal until it has been ten days. Ten days is a long time to be sick.

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    There can be lots of factors...such as teething but since you mentioned he quit breastmilk and started milk full time that can cause your baby to have diaerra. If you are talking about powder milk I suggest you to change the brand...or if you are giving your son the milk you drink...stop because you should not be giving milk to a baby because it can cause allergy or even diaherra since they can't digest propely....its happened to my brother..when he was little...he couldn't not digest some kind of food properly and he had bad rashes and diaherra...but also he had it when he was teething....I hope your son gets better soon...

    P.S Check about what foods you shouldn't give to your son

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    Your baby could be lactose intolerant, but I would say that maybe he is eating to many spicy foods or may his milk is causing it (try diluting the milk with water) or if he is drinking juice try diluting that with water. Also for the diaper rash evenly though you have it cleared up try corn starch next time. GOOD LUCK

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    You might want to try not giving him milk for a day and see how he does, or switch to soy milk for the day. Is he eating lots of fruit or fruit juice, that can cause diarrhea? What about fiber, is he getting any fiber, or too much?

  • If you're giving him Apple juice or some other form of juice that could be causing it...if you are giving him juice fill his cup/bottle with 1/2 juice and 1/2 water, that should help if your not already doing that.

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    he may have rotovirus give him lots of gatorade stay of the milk for a little while if he has rotovirus milk will make it worse when u change him watch your hands well each time or u will get it take him to the doctor asap I guarntee he has some degree of dehydration

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    It sounds like changing from breast milk to cows milk has something to do with the problem. I would tell the doctor about this and see what he/she says.

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    how much fruit or juice is your child drinking, my 3 all get diaherria from certain quantities of juice or fruit. or its possible its just a virus.

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