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Why did she ask me this..?

question again???? She started talking to me when it was half time during a football game (i was in it). Now today when we were in line at lunch she just asked me again "why are you so quiet?". I mean isn't that a personal question? I'm really not quiet just now a days i dont really want to talk to anybody and i think its because im depressed. I went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed me some pills they're called "Citalopram HBR 20 MG TABLETINW". Well anywayz why would she just keep asking that question? It gets on my nerves. And if i tell her why she's just going to keep asking why and why and its just annoying i don't even like her she talks way too much.

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    When one is depressed and lonely, sometimes; you don't feel like talking. you just want to be left alone. But you know, that's the worst time to be alone. I have a manic-depressive mental disorder. I find it very therapeutic to aside from taking my meds to mingle with others; especially a loved one. You should learn to ventilate and express exactly how you "feel."

    If she keeps asking the same question. the motive behind that query might be that she really cares for you and want to help. Why don't you open up to her and tell her what exactly is troubling you. Three years ago, I was in the bleakest depths of depression. I couldn't stop crying. Depression really hurts. and I didn't want to associate with anybody. I finally snapped out of it after a 3 month hospitalization.

    Maybe, you should let her know how you feel right now. Just tell her, you're not ready to talk to her about it. And reassure her, that when you are ready, you will contact her and let her know. this way, she won't feel she's to be blame for your depression.

    Remember, misery doesn't love company. Even if you're in a crowd sometimes, it's easy to feel so lonely and lost.

  • Obviously she's concerned about you. Why not tell her, that although it is kind of her to ask, it's difficult for you to express what you're feeling at the moment. If she presses for more information, simply tell her you aren't wanting to talk right now.

    If you are depressed though...talking through the things that are troubling you can be helpful. If not with the one who keeps asking questions, with someone you trust.

    I pray you will begin to feel hopeful soon.

    Source(s): Life experience!
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    First of all she is concerned about you.Some people would like to have someone be so.

    People can tell when there is a change in your mood good or bad.You don't need to get mad or take it out on her just tell her your just a little depressed,and if she is a friend she will back off...HOWEVER if she is a girlfriend then just break up with her.Try to remain friends.

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    Jeez, you've got issues. She's just trying to help, to see if you need a caring ear to talk to. Just don't stab her or beat her up or anything, ok? Maybe you should just tell her that you don't like her or anybody else for that matter. BTW, it's not that personal of a question. She sounds like a caring person... It's sad that there's no place in you life for someone like that.

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    Sounds like she's interested in you to me. Maybe she just can't think of any other question to ask you. Maybe just tell her that it bothers you and then maybe she'll stop? I hate women that talk to much myself too, but, sometimes, they have no clue. I guess that's why I get along much better than men than with women!

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    she is just being concerned it is when you do stuff and she doesnt comment or respond that you need to start worrying cause aslong as she cares she will ask you a question that she already knows the answer to but if she doesnt ask anything she doesnt care then once you know that she doesnt care for you then you really gonna be depressed lol

  • Tell her you're quiet because you have things going on in your life. Your own problems. And they are your problems, so you don't have to share them with her. If she keeps on prying tell her to butt out. Don't go all softie on her because then she's going to think that you really like her. In fact, just tell her that you don't feel that way about her. If she gets mad so what? You don't like her anyway. And if you do feel bad, then you'll have to figure that one out on your own. Don't be sending mixed signals. If you don'ty like her, tell her.

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    Next time she asks you that question: Look at her and say, "Maybe I will tell you after you tell me why you talk so much!"

    That should get her to go away.

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    May be she is not accustomed to seeing you be quiet, so she is just curious to know whether you are ok, or did some one offend you and it bothers you.

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    she wants to see if you might be interested in her what do you think come on you must know that think about it

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