A person i knew passed away 2 days ago. When i heard the news i felt hot,panicky and my heart was beating fast

What was the casue of me feeling hot and panicky and heart beating fast. I never really knew him but i new him for about 3 weeks about 3 4 years ago. I dont know how to react to this. I just feel really panicky and my heart keeps beating fast. Anyone know what i should do?

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    Great....everybody tells you about the "triggering event" but they don't name what you were experiencing....

    It's called a "panic attack" by most doctors.

    In most cases the person that experiences a "panic attack" exhibits your symptoms...racing heart, hard to catch your breath, among other symptoms....

    Unfortunately, you have been under heavy stress for quite some time now, and the "triggering event" just pushed you over the edge. It's not that he was your BEST friend, or your brother or anything like that....it's more like he was the last straw that broke the camel's back....

    What do you do about it?

    First, you really need to deal with the stress in your life....you have to deal with it directly....Your parents divorcing? Your new job suck? Your sweetie got you under pressure? You taking a class and struggle to get a C+ in it? Somebody treating you like CRAP??

    Whatever it is, a good talk with a friend (as a sounding board) might help to ease the stress a little, so you can be more objective about the true source of stress.....

    My wife had panic attacks because her ex-husband beat her, her job sucked, her home life sucked too....Just out of the blue she experienced what you did....

    She quit her job, got rid of her ex and her sucky home life by marrying me....about 4-5 years afterwards.

    So don't expect miracles overnight....but grab the bull by the horns and deal with it....you'll be OK in the long run.

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    Let me start off by saying how sorry I am for your loss.I lost my entire family 8 years ago,my mom,dad,grandma and mother in law in 11 months time.I was absolutely devastated and ended up having a nervous break down and had to get on a lot of medication because my family was my universe.I can tell you that there is at least 5 stages of grief that a person experiences.The first stage if denial-this isn't happening to me.Anger-why is this happening to me.Bargaining-I promise I'll be a better person.Depression-I don't care any more.Acceptance-I'm ready for the what happens.Not everyone grieves a the same pace,it takes a while to go through these stages.It does make you feel numb in the beginning,don't feel guilty about how you are feeling now,down the line you most likely experience these feelings.I am glad that you are surrounded by family,stick to them.Life is very short and precious,I hope this helps you out and again I'm sorry for your loss.

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    What was happening to you was that something threatening to you, something you had put way, way in the back of your mind, was forced to the front - the death is real, and YOU, too will die someday. Not only that, but it may not be of old age...this is real, and events shoved it in your face, and it caused the fear reaction you experienced.

    What should you do? Accept the event. Don't downplay it, don't deny it or dismiss it or discount it. Don't say, it won't happen to me. Just accept it. That's the only way you achieve peace of mind.

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    It could be because the person (disembodied soul) is still hanging around you for some unknown reason. Or you have severe fear of death. Read Bhagavad Gita as it is by Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada- which gives all knowledge on the eternal soul and how to stop the repeated cycle of birth, death, old age and disease and return to the blissful, spiritual, eternal abode where their is no more death. go to harekrishnatemple.c for all details and be free of fear of death.

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    It's obvious the news of his death was a shock to you. It also made you anxious. Everything you're describing goes along with that. Also, you probably haven't had to deal with death very often. Take some deep breaths (breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth) and realize that death is part of the journey we all make. It is nothing to fear. Even so, it is a shock to hear of someone's sudden passing.

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    Because, you knew the person at some time, you should feel something to the news it is normal.It will pass. Just give it a little time.

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    Life can end in an instant, and it's a shock when we think of that. If you continue to have problems, see a counselor who specializes in grief counseling.

    Best of luck to you.


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    If this person was close to your age, you might be having a physical reaction to hearing the news. It reminds us of our own mortality.

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    A shock such as death can incite a first reaction of panic .It comes from stress .

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    i think you slept with that person and they had something lol

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