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What does it mean if a boy cries on the phone to you?

Like, it was the same boy I always talk about on here. but I never ever same what he had done. Like for instance after he told me who he was he had asked me if I know him, and I said "I don't know you" but I was kidding!! But he also broke out in tears in the background on the phone, but when he was doing this I explain him to call me back later, I'm busy I said. But when he has come back on the phone him DID NOT hear anything I have said to him and his voice was different like he has been crying. He had asked me if you like scary movies? And I hang up because I was busy!!

I can hear him crying real loud not too loud so he thinks I can’t hear him, but enough to hear that he is crying. Please Help!!! It been 4 to 7 mouths I seen him and I just what to know what does it mean Please Help!!! I'll probably tell you more lately, But not right now!!

I have asked my teacher about the same thing and I’m still confused.


He cried the day after we meet!!! My teacher said "he probably has some problems with himself. Not because of me," she said. His friend is also a girl just a friend she to him. But also she was laughing in the background when he was talking to me!!!

He tries so hard to find my number also.

Update 2:

I truly desire to say SORRY to him!!!

Thank you very much!!!

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    This boy sounds like he needs a friend and some professional help. It is very hard to say what to do. If he has emotional problems I would hope that a parent or teacher, some responsible adult would step in. That is if he acts like this(crying, a lot) It should be obvious to someone who is an adult he needs to be counseled. You could be nice to him but do not go any where with him.I would hate to think he could be dangerous, but you never know. Go to a different teacher about this boy. The first one really did not take your concerns seriously, and she should have.

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    I'm a little confused at what you are asking. What I got from that is possibly you met a boy, and then he called you. He was acting funny, and crying when he talked to you?

    Ok, well, it could mean a number of things. Maybe he's mental, maybe he's just very sensitive. Perhaps he thought you were blowing him off, and he likes you? I think what you should do is just talk to him, and find out why he was crying, and what's going on. You may not know him very well, but TALK to him, and listen. Usually it's the guys that people have to tell them to LISTEN, but sometimes guys are the sensitive ones. Just talk things out, and maybe things will be resolved that way!

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    This young man wants to talk to you. He knows you and may want to ask for your help, and confide in you about something. Ask him what is wrong. He may want to get to know you as a friend. He tried to start up some convo. tried to get to know you better. Just listen to him, ask him what is wrong, and be there for him even though you don't know him well. Maybe other people (such as the teacher) has seen this reaction over and over and now considers it something normal.

    Ask and truely listen. Don't just let it go in one ear and out the other. This young man may need someone like you as a friend.

    But be careful...this may be a trick. the laughing of a girl (friend?) in the background may be soemthing weird to consider. so be a good friend to him, just set physicla and mentl boundaires when you talk.

    Good luck.

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    Sounds like a VERY sensitive guy - - - - probably insecure - - - and just isn't quite as mature as most guys his age. It's going to take him a bit longer to grow up than most, I'm guessing.

    It wouldn't hurt to be his friend and if you really are busy, then break it to him in a kinder way like "I wish I could talk to you, but I'm under a lot of stress to get my homework done right now. Maybe we can talk later?" Have a little more patience.

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    Maybe he just wanted to ask you to the movies O_o.

    sounds like he likes you.. and he has problems O_o. why else would he want to talk to you so badly.

    but it mite also be that he has problems.

    What to do...? nothing. maybe try to be nicer when he calls (not that your mean, but be extremely nice :).

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    I don't trust boys he is probably doing that so he can make sex or he has a plan I feel it

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    Sounds like he's Emo.

    (No, I'm not trying to be funny. It really sounds like he's a part of the subculture)


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    I fosued-con... yeah you to me.. and no yeah can know what saying you...

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    It just means that he's a p###y.

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    He wants to get in your pants

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