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does anybody know how to make a homemade ouija board?

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    First you need to find an old calendar or magazine. This will be the source for your letters & numbers. You may simply write out numbers on paper if you wish.

    Second cut out A-Z & 0-9. Cut out some extra letters to spell out yes, no & goodbye.

    Find an old surface to tape the letters to. Some choose to make a temporary board by taping letters to an inexpensive card table. I don't recommend doing this on good furniture. You may make a permanent board by gluing letters to an old piece of wood or cardboard.

    Lay out the letters A-M in a line slightly arched, then a second line below in N-Z. Leave space between each character. Place yes in the upper left & no in the upper right corners. Place the numbers 1-0 below the letters & finally, spell out goodbye along the very bottom. This is just the basic layout of the most commonly used talking board. Feel free to be creative. You may create a circular board with letters around it. You can do whatever you like, just make sure the important information like numbers & letters are listed, as well as a way for the spirit to say goodbye.

    For permanent boards, like those on cardboard, you may want to buy an acrylic varnish for a topping. You can find this at art supply stores. For wood just use a basic clear lacquer or varnish. These coatings should prolong the life of your board. Please note, that this method is for inexpensive woods. For more expensive woods, you may want to carve, paint or burn letters & numbers into the board, then top with a wood varnish.

    Last but not least you need an indicator or planchette. The most commonly used home indicator is a clear drinking glass. You will use this upside down, placing fingertips on base of glass & letting the glass pass over letters & numbers. Please take caution in using glass with spirit communication. I've heard stories of ghosts smashing glasses. I've never tried using plastic, but you may want to give it a try first to see if it works. Just make sure it is clear

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    I took a sturdy piece of cardboard and wrote the alphabet backwards on it (a friend suggested this). I made it look like a ouija board, just backwards. Then I used a shot glass upside down for the view piece. It slid on the cardbord real nice and we had a great time using it!

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    Go on line and buy one they are about $20 USD

    Ouija boards are a game nothing more. It works by involuntary or unconscious movement. If you think this isn't true, try doing it blind folded. Have someone watching to see what you've spelled. Most likely it will look some thing like this: jhcur

    I also like JW's answer.

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    I totally believe. I have one. My family and i have used one my entire life. You really have to believe for it to work. People who think it is just a joke will not be inviting the spirits to communicate. I have done extensive research on this and even met the granddaughter of the inventor!! I understand that many people have problems believing, but I think that is just so that they can protect themselves from scary thoughts... "If a oujia board really works, than what else is out there?"

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    I don't, and my advice to you is "Don't try, if you know what's good for you". Leave well alone. It would seem fun at the onset (I once thought that when I was young). Age has knocked more sense in me.

    You would be laying yourself open to "possession". I earnestly urge you to stay clear of ouija boards.

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    You just write the letters of the alphabet and the words YES and NO on pieces of paper, place them in a circle and get a glass and turn it upside down in the centre of the circle...but why would you want to...those things are not to be messed with.

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    My advice would be not to mess with ouija boards. You might get more than you bargained for....

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    get a piece of paper, and make one that looks like this , get a shot glass or small glass to be the size of the letters.

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    I would get the plastic thing that you cut things on in the kitchen, then write on it.

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    Yes thats emportant Question i need the answer too

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