how do i get my avatar on my page?

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    1 decade ago
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    Get an Avatar, quick and painless>>

    >Go to Yahoo! Answers

    >click on your image

    >click on 'Edit My Info' (it's in blue letters under your image)

    >Scroll down to 'Pictures' section

    >click on the 'Edit my Yahoo! avatar' (in blue letters, below last frame)

    It should be easy to create your avatar, everything is intuitive. Just be sure to brush your hair before you save your work and exit. You can change your gender there, if needed, by clicking on 'Preferences' in the upper right, in blue letters.

    >return to 'Edit My Profile' page (click the 'X' for close in the upper right corner)

    >check the '[O]Use my Yahoo! avatar' (below your new avatar)

    >scroll down to and click the blue 'Preview' button

    >scroll down to and click the blue 'OK' button

  • 1 decade ago

    go to the yahoo homepage and sign in! then click more yahoo services and click avatars then create ur avatar then go to ur 360 page and edit the photo (make it ur avartar by choosing to use ur avatar) Ur done by the way please go to the page that is in the source list and join the Star! Team Group!! thanx

  • 1 decade ago

    go to if youve already setup your avatar, however, its still not showing on your mailbox or y! answers, then you might be experiencing a browser problem...try using a diff browser or a diff pc

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