other stepmoms do you have to deal with this and how do u handle it?

my bf and i live together for the last 4 yrs.he has joint c and equal and set visitation with his exwife for thier 9yr old son.on the days/weekends my bf does not have his son i tend to make plans for us to do things together.well his ex tends to call sometimes last min or weeks in advance the change the schedule around to suit her.the problem is my bf will discuss all the details with her and agree to what ever she wants 1st before he even checks with me to see if i had anything planned.yes i know emergencies come up but her getting a hot date does not count in my book.i have told him i would just like a phone call to see if i had anything planned before he agrees to any changes.most of the time he will have an excuse why he could not call me(forgot,to busy at work)i think hes just afraid of her and knows she will have a fit if he says to her "i have to check with sue(me) 1st" as she still wants to call the shots.is this worth fighting over with my bf because thats what its come to.

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    You have to remember that despite the reason, this is still time he gets to spend with his son. If he doesn't have him most of the time, he probably looks at it with open arms and doesn't hesitate to gain access to him.

    Nothing against you, I'm sure you're great together, but his son is almost definately more important to him.

    You can always re-plan events... any opportunity he gets to spend with his son can't really be re-planned. Especially if his ex is as controlling as you make her seem.

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