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I ordered shorts but are too big (washed once). Any chance they might shrink if I wash them a few more time?

100% cotton shorts. I ordered them online. They are too big for me. I washed them once and they shrunk a little. Any chance if I keep washing them a few more times they might shrink more and actually fit?

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    Yes, 100% cotton can continue to shrink. Wash on hot/hot and dry on high.

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    Evidently you are not aware of the rules of doing laundry. If you want something to shrink, it will never shrink. If you have a piece of expensive clothing that you are extremely careful with and follow the directions, it will shrink down to Barbie (in your case, Ken) size.

    Be a nice guy and give the shorts to a friend that is larger than you.

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    your best chance is hot water, high heat. with 100% cotton you are going to get shrinking every way rather than just from top to bottom. so keep that in mind! it also might lead to bunching of the fabric which always looks a little odd.

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    Gosh I wish I had your problem! They might shrink some more. Keep washing in hot water and dry on high. If not, they can always be your "fat pants!"

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    yea, if you continue handwashing them then dry it under the sun, that would shrink it faster. don't use the machine, it will stretch the fabric more than shrink it.

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