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Opinions on the State of the Union address, January 23, 2007?

Do you agree or disagree with President Bush's plans for the Iraq War, the No Child Left Behind program, and balancing the budget by 2012 without raising taxes? Are these just blank promises? Is he even aware that he won't be President in 2012?

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  • Pete
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    The Army should do what the United Nations does! They should go there by the thousands, build a fortress, spike up security to protect the fortress, baste in doing nothing but operate the fortress and be a complete waste of resources and meaning all while staying safe and earning a paycheck.

    The U.S. presence in Iraq is not meaningless, but its going to take over a lifetime or two to have any changes worth keeping. In that time the shift of power will change hands many times. We are just slowing things down with things that are bound to occur with our presence there while not achieving results that we desire. We are acting like the British did during colonialism days.

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