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penis bleeding help please?

hey im 15 years old i was having sex with my girlfriend and my penis started bleeding. i felt a sharp pain, which went away quickly. there was no pain beforehand. im uncircumsized and it wasnt my first time. i think the skin connecting the foreskin to glans ripped, its below the urethra and sometimes it hurts in activity but never ripped, or at least never bled. im afraid to talk to my parents..will thsi heal on its own or should i go to a doctor...i guess i might have to get circumsized but ugh thats gonna hurt


oh yea, i was wearing a condom, and i know its not STD because the skin is actually ripped, it looks like its hanging by a thread. itll break very easily so i guess im abstinent for help please lol

Update 2:

i DID wear a condom, and i guess it was pretty rough...well can this wait till the weekend? with school and is it really urgent or just sometime soon i have to

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    go see a doctor soonest possible. u dont want this incident to ruin your sex life!

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    On this T.v Show when Sex Goes Wrong(UK show) right.

    This Guy was with this girl an his in sitting down Position shes on top bouncing away, then all of a Sudden he Felt a Sharp Pain, an Blood started coming out, an he was trying to stop the bleeding but he couldn't. ('cause he was errect so lots of Blood just rushing on down) Anyways his Forskin had Torn.

    Anyways sounds like you NEED to go to the Doctor an get him to have a look.

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    Your problem is actually not so rare. Sounds as if you've torn the frenulum (or frenum) which joins the inner part of the foreskin to the glans. If it's definitely ripped, then there's nothing you can do about it!! It won't grow back, and surgery cannot repair it (this frenulum is similar to the one we all have joining our tongue to the bottom of our mouth). It bleeds a little, is painful when it breaks, but then the discomfort passes. You should still see a doctor, and you should also disinfect the wound. (I know all this because it happened to a friend).

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    It sounds like you tore your frenulum. A doctor can remove the rest of the frenulum without circumcising you, but it will look kind of funky.

    You should definitely see a doctor. The only problem with having the frenulum removed with keeping the foreskin is that the frenulum is designed to be your "safety net" -- to prevent the foreskin-proper from tearing, it starts to hurt when you're pushing it. So it's possible that you could rip your entire foreskin later. But a professional would be able to advise you better.

    PS: You're 15 and -- to boot -- it "wasnt [your] first time"? Don't mean to lecture, but seriously...

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    I don't think the pain from circumcision is going to matter because if you don't have it checked out and it turns out to be something worse then you'll be even worse off than you are now. Also, have you ever thought that maybe it's a sign that you shouldn't be having sex at such a young age?

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    Go to a doctor. You've got to get this checked out. If there are no free clinics in your area, tell your parents you're bleeding out your putz. You don't have to tell them about the sex. Just get to a doctor.

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    you need to at least tell your dad you hurt your penis and need to see a doctor, if your uncomfortable talking to your mom. Untreated if it did rip you could get an infection. If you have to be circumsized you will be given pain medication and it will be sore for only a day or two.

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    just get circumcised. problem fixed forever.

    it doesn't hurt really. just a little uncomfortable for a week or 2. and 4 - 6 weeks no sex.

    got mine at 23, 2-3 year ago.did not hurt. and sex is better

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    when ur penis gets hard...the skin shouldnt be that loose if u are uncircumsized. maybe its not fully developed yet. stop having sex. ur too young anyway..and u should definately use a condom. u WILL get a girl pregnant n u dont want to be a dad at 15 or 16.

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    I don't know whats up but go to a doctor... that avoids the parents and in case something is serious, he/she can help.

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    Sounds pretty serious. It reminds me of a joke. There was this

    guy in the military over in Asia and he got some sort of problem with his dick from having sex with the local hookers. So he goes to the American doctor on the base and the doctor says I am sorry but we will have to cut off your dick. He is devastated. So he goes to another American doctor and this doctor says the same thing. We will have to amputate your pecker. Well finally he figures hey this is a asian disease I will go to a Asian doctor. So he goes to the Asian doctor and says doc what do think will you have to cut off my pecker. The Asian doctor says "oh these American doctors all they ever think about is surgery, no we don't have to cut off your dick" The guy is so relieved. Then the Asian doctor says you go home. Your dick will fall off all by itself in a week.

    If you tore your foreskin you should be able to see the damage.

    If you can't see the damage go to the doctor.

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