Am I pregnant?? I wanna know!?

OK - here's the deal... My average cycle length (from the last 5 cycles) is 22 days and I am now on cycle day 28. My "symptoms" are as follows:

- Weepy (normally I just get cranky before my period)

- Headaches

- Nausea (no vomiting)

- Increased appetite

- A LOT of bloating (like the jeans that used to be loose enough to go down another size are now kinda tight)

- NO skin breakouts (typical of PMS)

- Exhaustion

- Waking a lot in the night, sleep disturbances

- Low, menstrual like cramps that are less severe, and no bleeding whatsoever, not even spotting

- Abundant CM (usually dry right before period)

- Low dull backache

- Increased breast size (fuller, heavier)

I have a son already, and you would think I would know, but I took 2 home tests, both negative. I am thinking it is still too early to test, judging from average ovulation/implantation dates etc. Can someone tell me when the best time for me to test would be? I would be happy either way, I just want to know.

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    it's possible

  • MRod
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    All the symptoms that you are describing can indicate pregnancy, but they are also the same as PMS signs. You haven't officially missed your period yet, so just wait a few days to see if it comes. You could try taking an pregnancy test and see if it reads +, some can tell if you are preggo up to 5 days b4 a missed period. If you think about it too much and stress over it you could delay your period, so try to relax.

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    Those home tests are a waste of money. I took 9 and 7 were negative and two were positive and it turned out I was . I'd wait a little while longer then test again at your obgyn or even at the hospital.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you have a lot f pregancy symptoms but also menstraul symptoms. you may possibly be but you also have to remember that your period can fluctuate up to 5 days. relax and dont stress. take a pregancy test in a couple of days. if you dont get your period then maybe go to the doctors.

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  • it helps if it is your first trip to the bathroom in the day when you test.. and what type of test are you doing? i would go with ept digital 4 days prior peetest.. or you can try going to your gyno.. if you have two kids im not tell you anything new. goodluck and possible congrats.. take care.

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    the symptoms sound like you are pregnant. Wait a few more days and test again or go get a bloodtest done

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    wait 1 more week then take a test (if nothing happened during that week) If still nothing make an appointment. Stress alone can screw up your cycle.

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    9-12 days after conception or 3days late is the best timeto take thetest. you shouldnt be pregant .Wait 1more day take again

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    1 decade ago

    get a test

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its possible

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