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theres this Guy I know and he..?

Sits next to me in 3 of my classes. he asks me out like every 5 minutes and wen im like hellllll no he keeps annoying me. Then during break and after school wen ever he passes me he touchs my *** and its grosses me outttt. What do I do? Its been going on for a month and I just want to slap him!

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    I'm so sorry!!

    Well, you can just say, purposely brushing up against me isn't working. Or when he's asking you out while your teacher is talking or something, raise your hand and say, [insert teach name], [insert guy name] is consistently askig me out throughout this period and I keep telling him no but he does not seem to understand the concept of the word so could you please tell him to be quiet?

    I don't know, maybe that'll work, embarrassing him. But then he'll probably hate you.

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