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Girl Problems (girls and guys can answer this)? do I start this. Well, Im in the eighth grade and I kind of noticed this girl one day that had been in my Literature class. I had a weird feeling and I realized I suddenyl had a huge crush on her. As time wore on I got to know more about her, but we never really talk...only a little at diff. times..and we are really different. She is very pretty, and pretty girly in a weird way. I am semi-popular (neutral, as we call it) and I am one of those beutiful people on the inside. I am very artistic and she has praised me on some of my drawings. But I cant tell her I like her. I get an achey feeling just thinking about her. And she is in a few of my classes too. What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!

Btw, her name is Mariana de la Garza (Mari) and she is of Spanish descent. ( If u see this Mari,.....Hi)


and plz help!


Oh and when Im around tense, nervous and cant relax. I have this akward outer gruff shell, that once you pass it im a sweet sensitive guy, but no girl has done that just weird around girls...

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    Ask her to pose so you can draw a picture of her...and make it very flattering. Make small talk while you are drawing her. When you are finished, give her the picture and ask her out to a movie. (She will feel obliged to go after taking the picture from you)

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    first, try talking to her and calm yerself down enough to talk to her with out getting that achey feeling. the next time you feel like draw her a pic. of her, then give it to her. if that feels to forward fer you and you just cant get yerself to do that, draw a sport or a hobby that she's into. since you two are very different, try being more like her, but dont change everything about you. try to find out more of the things she is into and maybe try them yerself. you might find that you really like her hobbies and then you two will have more in common. if none of these tips work, just talk to her. sometimes it is better if she can know how you feel, because she might just feel the same way! hope my advice helps, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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    Tell her. The worst that can happen is if she doesn`t like you. And if she praises you on your drawing, I don`t think she would think it`s disgusting that you`re liking her. And do not, do NOT, get a friend to ask her. She would just think you`re gutless. Popularity has nothing to do with this. If she is beautiful on the inside, and she doesn`t like you, she would tell you in a gentle way.

    If you just recently broke up with someone, that can explain your "achey" feeling of her. No one likes getting rejected.

    I wish you good luck =]]!!

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    Well i have even the same problem and i am a lot older then you buddy. For one your young and you have a crush which is absouluty fine. ask her out. Say something like, do you want go for a walk in the park or go get something to eat with me. be casual about it too. most likely she will say yes because if she was a nice girl she wouldnt say no. your soooooooooo sweat. Good LUck!

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    Aw hunny ok, i'm in 8th grade so i'm uncertain if this might help yet: a million. do no longer enable human beings get to your head be effective in your self :) 2. in case you like him it is not important the different those that are making relaxing of you're no longer you so they shouldn't care what you're doing. it is your existence :) 3. in case you hear somebody making relaxing of then you definately you definately ought to easily say "that's actually none of your subject." 4. finally tell the boy how stupid it grow to be of you to do what you probably did and which you rather and solumnely be apologetic approximately it and ask for yet another danger. good success :)

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    Try to find a creative and different way to make yourself stand out from everyone else that could like her. You need to show her in a not so obvious way why you two should be if you are going to tell her, I would try a note...not creative, but girls LOVE notes...and maybe you could do something to make it special...good luck!!

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    Don't tell her, show it. Flirt with her a little and see how she reacts. If she seems to enjoy it, ask her out in a few days. If she doesn't, well then tough luck.

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    AWWWW!!!!! that is so sweet!! haha my nickname is mari!!! newho!!! yes ummmm well she seems like a nice person, mayb shes one of those girls who dnt base on looks, u should really give it a try! u never kno!! it might turn out good! :D

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    sounds like you dont just like love her. talk to her, be yourself.....all you gotta do is talk to her, say hi, if ou have a screen name (instant messaging) and she got one, i find it easier to talk..... i was in this position a while ago and man i feel your trouble. just be yourself around her and sooner or later it will work, just say hi! hows it going..... sooner or later you'll find the courage to get up and ask her out

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    try just nicely talking to her sometime. bring up something funny or something about the class. don't force it though. when you see her, smile. smiliing always makes girls feel good and want to be around you more. don't be freaky though, play it cool. be her friend first :)

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