Can someone help me think up of ideas for an essay in social studies?

We had to choose a landmark that captured the minds of people all around the world and made that certain place known for it's tourism.

I choose Stonehenge but I'm having trouble coming up with information about it. I always find stuff on how they "think" it was built. I can only use info from the school library and their database. Know any good books? Or what stuff I should talk about in the essay?

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    i found a really good site for you..check it out!!

    I found it pretty informative.

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    If you can't find that much info on stonehenge, then try something else like, the pyramids in egypt, or the great wall of China. And even if we don't quite know how these were built, than explain why. eg. Pyramids were used as tombs for Egyptian pharoahs.

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